Searching for a disgruntled QVC member- offer to represent you free of charge




I am Trudie Broekmann, consumer attorney in Cape Town. My firm is preparing a test case before the Pretoria High Court where we are claiming back all the money two of our clients paid to QVC over the years. We are still looking for the ideal second claimant in the case.

The requirements are:

  • You signed a contract with QVC in the period between 31 March 2011 and 30 April 2018
  • You tried many times to make bookings through QVC and can tell us approximate dates when you tried to book
  • You only managed to get very few or no bookings
  • You do not own any valuable assets in your own name, and you do not have a pension
  • You have tried to cancel with QVC but you were unsuccessful
  • Your QVC levies are not in arrears


Our offer to the ideal claimant:

  • Our firm will cancel your contract with QVC free of charge and you will not have to pay any cancellation penalty
  • If your credit record has been affected by the dispute with QVC, we remove any blacklisting free of charge
  • We will not charge you for legal fees or expenses.


Our expectations of the ideal claimant:

  • At this stage it’s not necessary, but we may ask you in future to sign a “contingency fee agreement” in which you agree that certain legal fees and expenses will be payable out of the proceeds of any money we collect from QVC for you. If we don’t collect this money, no fees or expenses will be payable.
  • You have a copy of your contract with QVC, preferably including the black folder with all of their marketing and information given to you by QVC when you signed up.
  • You can calculate the amount you paid QVC every year since you signed the contract to date. For many of our timeshare clients we find this amount quickly adds up to around R250 000.
  • You are willing to provide us with full details and copies of your interaction with QVC and you will make yourself available for meetings with the legal team in person or on the phone or via electronic methods.
  • You are willing to testify in court to tell your story related to QVC. The case may take several years to be finalised.
  • In the unlikely event that we lose the case or any part of it, QVC may pursue you to claim their legal fees. You will have to demonstrate that you are unable to pay them.


Benefits for the ideal claimant:

  • By sharing your experience with QVC, you are helping to ensure greater justice in QVC’s treatment of thousands of South Africans.
  • Whatever you have spent on your QVC points plus the levies over the years will be paid back to you with interest if our claim succeeds, less any enjoyment you’ve received from the use of the points. We are confident that our claim is set to succeed.


If you meet the requirements, please contact us on tel. 021 422 0269 or


Yours faithfully.



 T. Broekmann


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