Product recall- a supplier’s worst-case scenario. How can you plan to decrease the risk?

The National Consumer Commissioner issued guidelines in respect of product recall in June 2012. They can be found at These guidelines are particularly onerous for suppliers. A recall will always be required where consumers’ safety is at risk- even if the risk is remote. We need to distinguish between a supplier’s voluntary recall, where

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Timeshare -how to get out with your money

Class action planned to address time-share ‘abuses’ against consumers  CAPE TOWN – A local attorney is planning a class action against time-share suppliers to demand the full return of clients’ payments to them because the contracts are illegal and don’t comply with the Consumer Protection Act, she says. Trudie Broekmann has already achieved a significant

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Ford Kuga- pay back the money

Ford announced the recall of the Kuga 1.6 litre EcoBoost models manufactured between 2012 and 2014. This offers Kuga owners repairs at Ford’s expense to their vehicles but does not compensate Kuga owners for the dramatic loss in resale value, or fully reassure them as regards the safety of the vehicles. The Consumer Protection Act

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