Companies Act

As from 1st of May 2011, the Companies Act of 1973 was replaced by the 2008 Act. The Companies Act is a 294 page document, considerably more intricate than the old Act, and it contains around 160 compliance obligations each of which comes with a substantial penalty.

Trudie Broekmann’s focus when training on the Companies Act is to make the new rules come to life. A full day’s training can be crafted to suit the needs of either legal practitioners or directors and managers. Shorter sessions can be structured to deal with, for example:

  • directors’ and managers’ risk,
  • compliance issues,
  • business rescue, etc.


Trudie often provides opinions on, for example:

  • how best practice corporate governance is affected by the Act
  • the impact of the Act on a proposed transaction
  • and is available to draft or vet a Memorandum of Incorporation.

Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act, No. 60 of 2008, has impacted the lives of both consumers and suppliers of goods and services since it became effective.

Protection of Personal Information Act

This Act poses a huge compliance challenge for any business- some of the requirements are that you obtain the consent of any person (including a legal entity) before you use, store, move, or destroy their “personal information”.

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