Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act has significantly impacted the lives of consumers and suppliers of goods and services since it became effective:

since 24th April 2010 regarding harm caused by goods; and

in respect of its many other provisions impacting on suppliers since 31st March 2011.

The Act covers almost every aspect of the consumer-supplier relationship, including:

Defective , low quality or dangerous goods and services, marketing, packaging and labelling of goods or services, ordering, delivery and return of goods, invoices and receipts, required disclosures and warnings to consumers, loyalty programs, promotional competitions, call centres, pricing of goods and services, franchises, auctions, contracts and which terms are prohibited, plain language, product recall of hazardous products, liability / claims where unsafe goods cause harm, deposits, vouchers, pre-payments, various new consumer remedies and dispute resolution forums and penalties for non-compliance with the Act.

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As from 1st of May 2011, the Companies Act of 1973 was replaced by the new Act. The new Companies Act is a 294 page document, considerably more intricate than the old Act.

Protection of Personal Information Act

This Act poses a huge compliance challenge for any business- some of the requirements are that you obtain the consent of any person (including a legal entity) before you use, store, move, or destroy their “personal information”.


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