Tips for cyber-security

We have seen a high incidence of recent fraud and identity theft. Harness your inner sceptic each time you’re asked to click on a link, give out your password or authorise a transaction- don’t take any risks.

Check out websites carefully before making online purchases-

  • do they give an address, email and phone number in South Africa, and do those contact details work? If not, how are you going to contact them to return a defective product or enquire if your delivery doesn’t happen?
  • google reviews of the supplier first. Try typing in the supplier’s name and the word “scam” and see whether any other consumers complain about the supplier.
  • If you are worried about the length of time it takes to get a delivery or refund from a supplier, use social media to put pressure on the supplier and to join forces with others who are in the same boat and may be able to offer advice.
  • Use tech solutions to avoid entering your credit card details, such as a virtual credit card (see

If you have been the victim of fraud, here’s some help on how to persuade SAPS to open a docket: http://:


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2 thoughts on “Tips for cyber-security

  1. I would like to get rid of my time share. I own 2 weeks at Mount Sheba and 1 week at Mabula. I have tried to sell but no buyers. I am happy to just leave without selling. Is this possible?

    • Hi Lynn
      Yes, it’s likely possible- it depends to an extent whether you own shares in a shareblock scheme or whether it is traditional timeshare- the latter is easier to cancel than the former, but I believe at worst with a shareblock scheme you can abandon your shares and so get rid of the levies. I’ve sent you an email with more info- feel free to call or email if you have questions after reading my mail.
      Thanks for making contract.

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