Debit orders, unresponsive banks and rogue suppliers

We’ve had lots of complaints from consumers over the years about debit order abuse by suppliers, for example:

  • that debit orders keep going off despite the contract with the supplier having come to an end
  • debit orders being disputed, but the rogue supplier then putting through the debit order for a slightly different amount
  • reversal of debit orders on internet banking (which should allow consumers to reverse debit orders going three months back) not working

We have recently met with PASA (Payments  Association of SA), which wrote the rules for debit orders and gained a better understanding of the dynamics of the system.

We are concerned that debit orders are often used to hold consumers hostage. Debit ordersenable dishonest or administratively lazy suppliers to gain unjustified payments from consumers and banks’ low responsiveness can enable this behaviour.

If you are having trouble with a debit order, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on whether we can assist you and give you an estimate of our fees. We may be able to provide you with free advice if there’s a quick solution.¬† As we would like to keep learning what issues consumers are facing, we invite you to contact us on our business WhatsApp, by phone or email to share your experiences, including practical solutions you have discovered. We will only charge you fees once you have agreed to them.

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