What types of issues do consumers lawyers handle?

In case you were wondering: South African consumer lawyers deal with any issue regarding the supply of goods or services to a consumer by a supplier who is acting in the ordinary course of its business.

Some examples:


  • you’ve bought (or you’re renting) a defective building
  • problems with your landlord or tenant
  • you’re having a house built and the construction team have messed up
  • an estate agent misled you

Products you’ve bought

  • you’ve bought a defective car or motorbike or the service was defective
  • defective equipment or machinery
  • you’ve bought something and discovered it was seriously overpriced
  • you’ve taken medicine with serious side effects that have caused you harm or left you disabled
  • restaurant food has made you ill
  • you ordered a product online and when it arrived it was different to what was advertised
  • you order a product online and after you’ve paid, they let you know they are out of stock


  • a dispute with your wedding planner
  • medical negligence- your medical service provider has caused harm to you
  • you’ve been injured while being transported in a bus, taxi, train, plane etc. (any type of transport where you paid)
  • suffering injury and trauma while staying in a resort
  • your data has gone missing
  • your valuables have been stolen from your bank safety deposit box
  • services you’ve subscribed for are seriously overpriced, e.g. telephony or data services

Cancelling contracts

  • how to cancel a fixed-term contract
  • you bought something on auction and want to cancel the sale
  • cancelling a contract for timeshare or similar
  • you want to cancel a booking, e.g. for a cruise, a holiday booked by a travel agent, flights
  • you’re buying a property in terms of an instalment sale and you want to exit the contract


  • misleading advertising
  • any issues with a customer loyalty programme

If you’re unsure whether we could help with your issue, don’t hesitate to contact us and even if we can’t help, we can usually recommend someone who can.

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