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I recently came across a TED Talk by Simon Sinek entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire.” Sinek is an ethnographer and bestselling author of books such as “Start with Why”, “Leaders Eat Last” and “The Infinite Game,” and his TED Talk inspired me and our firm to consider why it is that we do what we do. Essentially, what is our firm’s purpose and motivation, what is our Firm’s “why”?


After reading Sinek’s books, “Start with Why” and “Find Your Why,” I embarked on this journey of discovery. I considered the type of work that our firm does and how we approach it. I then thought about all the matters and clients who have impacted me and how and why they impacted me in the way that they did. This led me to the conclusion that the clients and the matters that really inspire me as an attorney, and that our firm gravitates towards, are those where a creative and innovative legal solution is required to realise and enforce the rights of our clients. So I concluded that our firm’s “why” is the following:


To provide novel and inventive legal solutions to ordinary consumers so that their rights and interests are protected and advanced. And on the other side of the coin: To use our experience in helping consumers, to provide smart legal solutions for suppliers.


If you are interested in embarking on a similar journey of discovery for your business or yourself, I suggest that you watch Sinek’s TED Talk at the link below:



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