A tool to take the headache out of POPIA compliance

Are you as frustrated by the complexity of complying with POPIA as we are?


We have created a complete checklist that can give you peace of mind as to whether you are fully compliant with POPIA.

It’s an Excel spreadsheet with 69 questions- it should take you 12 minutes to answer and we suggest you run through the questions once every 6 months.

It’s as user-friendly as possible without leaving out any of the necessary details in the Act.

It will show up any areas in which you need to improve compliance. Each compliance requirement references the section of the Act and indicates the penalty for non-compliance with that requirement so that you can assess your risk realistically.


Cost: R4 650 (VAT-inclusive)


It’s one of the requirements of regulation 4 that each responsible party evaluate their own compliance regularly. This checklist replaces the Information Regulator’s duty to scan the entire Act. As I’m sure you know, the ultimate penalty for non-compliance with POPIA is a fine of up to R10m.


Please drop us a mail on admin@broekmann.co.za if you’d like to purchase the checklist.

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